Study Abroad Myths

  1. Myth: I can’t afford study abroad.

    Fact: -In terms of cost, studying abroad is often comparable to studying at UM.

-UM financial aid, including most loans and scholarships, still applies.

-UM offers some scholarships specifically for study abroad.

-National and international scholarships are available for students in all majors and minors.

  1. Myth: I need to learn or speak a foreign language to study abroad.

    Fact: Though UM does offer many programs in foreign languages, most locations also have programs that are taught in English.

  1. Myth: I have to go to Australia, New Zealand, of the UK if I want to study in English.

    Fact: -You do not need to study in a country where English is a native language to do a program in English.

-Many schools across the world have English programs and offer introductory courses in the native language.

  1. Myth: My credits won’t transfer. I won’t graduate on time.

    Fact: -Credit received studying abroad can transfer back to UM and can count towards graduation.

-Credits received studying abroad can count as general education requirements. Check with your department for more information.

-Studying abroad can count for credits in the Honors College.

  1. Myth: Studying abroad won’t help my career.

    Fact: -In today’s world, international experience is helpful for any career path.

-Studying abroad can help expand your worldview and give you unique perspective.

-Learn how to adapt to new environments and experiences.

  1. Myth: Studying abroad isn’t safe.

    Fact: -UM have built close relationships with its partner universities.

-UM provides a comprehensive pre-departure orientation in which we go over health and safety issues.

-Many host countries provide exchange students with a form of national health insurance.

  1. Myth: I’m going to be alone in a foreign country. I’ll lose contact with my friend from home. / I can’t study abroad because I’m in a committed relationship.

    Fact: -Programs like Skype make it easy to stay in contact with friends and family.

-Host institutions have trips and fun programs for international students.

-You can make friends from all over the world!

  1. Myth: It’s hard to get in. I won’t get accepted.

    Fact: -GPA requirement for partner universities: 2.8.

-GPA requirement for ISEP: 2.75.

-Must have sophomore standing at the time you study abroad.

-It’s easy to study abroad as long as you submit an application and meet these requirements.


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