Meet Nadine! An alumni’s view on Study Abroad.

Nadine Delaire is a University of Montana alumni who graduated last Spring! She has since then moved to Washington and started her career and may be heading to graduate school. Here is her recent interview about how studying abroad has helped her in her life after college.

1. Where did you study abroad? Cork, Ireland

2. When did you study abroad? Fall 2012, my Junior year

3. What made you decide to study abroad?
I always knew that I wanted to study abroad in college and I always wanted to travel to Europe. After looking at the different places the university offered and after talking with a friend who also wanted to study abroad, Ireland seemed like the perfect place. I wanted to get the most out of my college experience and I figured that it was the best and easiest way to get to see more of the world. To add to that, Ireland has an interesting history, it’s a beautiful mix of new world meeting old world, and always held a fascination with me.

4. How has studying abroad helped you in your job/career today?
Studying abroad gave me more independence and the ability to adapt quickly to any situation. It taught me how reach out to people in a way I never had to and it gave me an idea on what it was like to be on my own. It was an incredible growing experience and it was a wonderful way to see how other people work. It opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and gave me new ways to approach situations that use in my daily life.

5. Has studying abroad helped you get a job?
It didn’t directly help me get a job but I definitely think it gave me an edge that other recent graduates don’t have.

6. Do you use what you learned from studying abroad in your life/work today?
The independence and maturity I gained from study abroad has definitely transcended into my life/work today. I have learned to take much more initiative, I have no problem approaching people and I am always willing to try something new which I definitely partly has to do with my experience studying abroad.

7. Do employers like to see that you have studied abroad?
The fact that I’ve studied abroad is a great talking point for employers, in every interview I have ever had it is something that is discussed. They love hearing about experiences and how I can use what I learned in classes and what I learned while living in Ireland.

8. Would you recommend studying abroad to other students at UM and why?
I would definitely recommend it! It’s great way to go out and see the world and to open your eyes to the fact there is so much more out there. It’s a great growing experience and an amazing way to add to your college career.


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