Eleven Months Around the World

 Meet Thayer!  Hailing from Bozeman, Thayer studied abroad at Griffith University in Australia in 2009-2010 and graduated from UM with a degree in Marketing and Entertainment Management in 2012. After graduating, he had a standard 9-5 job and realized that the desk lifestyle wasn’t meant for him so he decided to explore the world.  The heart of a true traveler, Thayer purchased a van while he studied abroad in order to have the opportunity to see more of Australia. More recently, Thayer has now spent the past eleven months traveling through Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia.  Thayer recently started a company called The Mapped Creative, a freelance marketing agency that runs unique marketing campaigns for companies abroad. Thayer and his team of freelancers create content driven campaigns by integrating travel, photo, photography, video, and social media through a unique freelance platform.

Thayer’s future goals for The Mapped Creative are to have the freedom to live wherever he wants and continue to run and grow his business.10267765_10152368663709547_2426143764767728832_n

Thayer during his eleven month travel journey 

Do you feel that Study Abroad influenced your decision to move to Bali?

Ultimately, yes through Study Abroad I realized that there was more out there. When I studied abroad I didn’t go home at all for a year and realized I was able travel comfortably and independently. After graduating, I decided to backpack around the world by myself. I’ve spent the last eleven months traveling through Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific. I started in Ethiopia and continued to Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia. After five months in Southeast Asia I explored Australia and New Zealand for two months hitchhiking, surfing, and fly fishing. After living out of my backpack for almost eight months, I decided to settle in Bali, Indonesia.  The move was inspired by the creative start-up culture in Bali.

(The following photos were captured by Thayer while exploring the world.)


What has the transition been like going from living in Montana to Australia and now Bali?

I love Montana more than anything; I have yet to find a place as amazing as Montana.  The transition has been hard but the more I travel and live in these crazy places it just becomes normal.  I feel that next time I come back to America it will feel like reverse culture-shock.


Why did you choose Australia and would you see that culturally it is similar to the United States?

It was my first time leaving the country by myself, and I assumed it was kind of similar. I feel that going to Australia is the most cliché place you could study abroad but I ended up really liking it. I suggest anyone who is thinking about studying there to absolutely do it.


I would say culturally, Australians are very different than Americans, Australians are more laid back and nice.


Thank you Thayer!

For more information on The Mapped Creative:



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