From Montana to Denmark….

Meet Tiphanie, another wonderful study abroad ambassador from The University of Montana!

My name is Tiphanie Erickson, I am a double major at the University of Montana, specializing in Media Arts and Japanese. I am also the vice president of the fencing club and a study abroad student ambassador. My hobbies include travelling, painting, swimming, playing or learning about musical instruments, excavating, learning new languages and much more.

I studied abroad in the beautiful country of Denmark in a city called Aarhus. The area itself is absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring, you can practically breathe in the history and culture that emanates from this location. The area is surrounded by the Baltic Sea which is indescribably beautiful and freezing. The forests, rolling hills, old architecture and open sky are everywhere. If the sky does not weep rain, you more than likely will from the pure exquisiteness. The food is absolutely divine from the freshly baked bread to the fish on your plate which was caught just that morning.

Each one of these photos were taken not as a tourist but a world traveler in areas of Denmark and England.


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