UM Student on Semester at Sea Program

Did you know that UM study abroad programs are not the only study abroad programs available to UM students?  There are dozens…no, hundreds of what we call non-UM study abroad programs or “third-party provider” programs that students can choose to participate in if they don’t find the exact type of program they are looking for in one of the UM study abroad programs.  We’ve outlined the steps you’d need to take to successfully coordinate a non-UM study abroad program to ensure that you get all the information you  need to apply, arrange financial aid, and make sure your credits transfer back to UM.  Find out how non-UM study abroad programs work on our website.  One UM student, Mackenzie Enich, is currently on board the Spring 2013 Semester at Sea voyage and has featured a blog post on their website.  Check out what she has to say about her experience.


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