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Packing for Her!

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Study Abroad and My Future Career: How They Relate!

Originally posted on Gilman Global Experience Blog :

When I decided to attend a four-year study abroad college, I didn’t do so with any specific career path in mind. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and had never traveled farther than Washington, DC (a three-day trip in the eighth grade). I felt like I didn’t know anything about the “real world.” I watched the news and saw footage from war-ravaged Afghanistan and Iraq; I read my history textbooks and learned about the Holocaust in Europe and the poverty in Africa; I spoke with my neighbors, immigrants from Australia and Estonia and Somalia. The “real world” felt as real to me as Hogwarts or Panem. I recognized this ignorance in myself, but I didn’t seem to have any way to rectify it.

My senior year of high school, I’d settled on studying Modern Languages in college. I would probably attend the Ohio State University, located about twenty minutes away…

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Dont forget to check out this link before you study Abroad!


When you go abroad…

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When traveling abroad, you need more than just your backpack and flip flops. That’s where we come in. We’re here to make sure you’re ready.


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6 months later… I’ve got the final feed…..

UofM Study Abroad:

UofM study abroad Student Highlight!!!!!

Originally posted on When Education Meets Adventure:

Whitney, Syauqi and I in Malaysia

Whitney, Syauqi and I in Malaysia

houses on the beach...yes please!

houses on the beach…yes please!

It was hard at the end, to really sit down and process everything that I had experienced. Even harder, access to a computer. I spent the last month and a half traveling before my return to the states. A friend from the states came out for two weeks,(Whitney) so we toured a bit of Malaysia, then headed to Indonesia. Back packing for a month was a luxury I didn’t have for most this trip, just the SE Asia tour through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, and my final hoorah in Indonesia. I had forgotten how much fun it was so travel with little plan, with everything you needed in one bag. But I also remembered how lucky I was to LIVE in Malaysia for all that time, always having a home to come back to. Just reaffirms my…

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Top 5 Things Future Study Abroad Students Should Know

Originally posted on GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Blog:

By Kevin Varley –  Kevin is a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumni Ambassador who studied abroad at Freie Universität Berlin. Kevin is from Iowa State University. 

Kevin Farley - GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumni Ambassador

Kevin Varley – GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumni Ambassador

Nothing beats listening to the voice of experience, though I promise I am no expert. Being the first in my family to study abroad I had the opportunity to take this big leap without any real preconceptions. But here is what I wish I knew or had thought of before I went overseas.

1. It’s okay to go it alone. There’s nothing wrong with traveling on your own. In fact, nothing says independence like packing up your stuff and hitting the open road with just you, singular. Part of the adventure is not knowing what lies ahead of you or what you might discover. For my spring break in Germany, I planned a trip to Paris and…

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Keep Calm & Pack: 5 Simple Steps to Packing for Study Abroad

Originally posted on ISA Study Abroad Student Blog:

Amanda Sharon is a student at Saint Anselm College and an ISA Featured Blogger. Amanda will be studying abroad with ISA in Sevilla, Spain.



Since I am in the middle of packing for my semester in Seville, I know how challenging and stressful it can be. This post will show you my own 5 step strategy for packing and possibly help you plan for your own trip abroad!

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